Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweden - Coat of Arms 1986

1.90 Kronor - Härjedalen
1.90 Kronor - Uppland
1.90 Kronor - Halland
1.90 Kronor - Lappland

Coat of Arms of Swedish Provinces:
Hallands county's coat of arms is considered to stem from the Middle Ages and already existed when the county became Swedish in 1658. The lion has an extremely ancient heraldic history and is still common on the Continent.
Härjedalen county acquired its coat of arms fairly late - not until 1884. The design, tools that were used for turning bog iron and forging iron products, can be traced back to a 17th century seal.
The "savage" in Lapland's coat of arms is an heraldic mythological figure related to the ancient legendary hero Hercules with his club, the god of strength. During the Renaissance in particular, the savage came to symbolize something exotic and legendary, which fitted in well with the still unexplored county.
Uppland county was the principal province in the land of Swedes. As a symbol of the central role it played in the history of Sweden, the county coat of arms includes an orb, one of the five regalia.

Design: Jan Magnusson
Printed: Harrison & Sons Ltd in Great Britain

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