Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweden - Coat of Arms 1982

1.40 Kronor - Dalsland
1.40 Kronor - Oland
1.40 Kronor - Vastmanland
1.40 Kronor - Halsingland

Coat of Arms of Swedish Provinces:
Dalsland features a bull to symbolize the extensive cattle breeding, which used to be the main source of income of the province. For a long time the coat of arms had an ox with a peacefully hanging tall. Now it has a heraldic bull with its tall turned up.
Halsingland also features an animal that is significant for the province, a he-goat. The real home of the goat in Sweden has traditionally been Halsingland where the countryside is well suited for this hardy domestic animal, which has been in the coat of arms ever since 1560.
Vastmanland features three connected arches with the middle one higher than the other two. A burning mountain used to signify a mine on old maps and the symbol is considered to be connected with the Sala silver mine, the richest of Swedish natural resources in the 16th century and a firm base for the finances of the nation.
Oland - like Dalsland and Halsingland - also features an animal chracteristic of th eprovince at the time when the coat of arms appeared in 1560. When Erik XIV was the Duke of Oland and Smaland he introduced deer for the royal hunts. There has been a variant of the coat of arms with two deer, one on top of the other. The necklace on the deer shows that the animals was introduced by man.

Design: Jan Mangunsson
Printed: Harrison & Sons Ltd, Great Britain

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