Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweden - Coat of Arms 1984

1.60 Kronor - Södermanland
1.60 Kronor - Blekinge
1.60 Kronor - Västerbotten
1.60 Kronor - Skåne

Coat of Arms of Swedish Provinces:
Södermanland has a coat of arms with a griffin. In heraldics the griffin is a mythological creature, a composite of a lion and an eagle. This griffin can be derived from the name of the nobleman Bo Jonsson Grip (= griffin).
Blekinge has a coat of arms with an oak and the three crowns of the national coat of arms around the trunk. The oak is characteristic of the landscape and the crowns symbolize that the province became Swedish in 1658.
The Västerbotten reindeer seemed the best heraldic creature for this region when the coat of arms was designed in 1560. In those days the Lapp region also covered the vast province of Västerbotten.
Scania has the crowned head of a griffin in its coat of arms. The Scanian connection is explained by King Erik of Pomerania in 1437 giving the town of Malmö his personal coat of arms featuring the head of a griffin. When Scania became Swedish in 1658 the province took over the Malmö coat of arms.

Design: Jan Magnusson
Printed: Harrison & Sons Ltd, Great Britain

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