Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweden - Coat of Arms 1983

1.60 Kronor - Västergötland
1.60 Kronor - Medelpad
1.60 Kronor - Gotland
1.60 Kronor - Gästrikland

Coat of Arms of Swedish Provinces:
The four coats of arms this year have been selected with regard to the geographical spread of the provinces and the colours in the coats of arms, so that stamps with the same background colour are not placed beside each other.
Gotland features a ram carrying a banner on a rod with a cross. This picture can be derived from a 13th century seal. It is a variant of the motif in Christian art with Jesus depicted as Agnus Dei (The Lamb of God).
Gästrikland, like Jämtland, has an elk in its coat of arms and has had ever since the beginning in 1560. The coat of arms is spangled with a diffuse number of balls. They have no direct symbolic meaning, but are there for decorative reasons.
Medelpad has a coat of arms representing the two big waterways in the province, the twin rivers Ljungan and Indalsälven.
Västergötland has a lion in its coat of arms , the foremost of quadropeds in heraldry.

Design: Jan Magnusson
Printed by photogravure in Great Britain

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