Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweden - Coat of Arms 1985

1.80 Kronor - Närke
1.80 Kronor - Ångermanland
1.80 Kronor - Värmland
1.80 Kronor - Småland

Coat of Arms of Swedish Provinces:
Närke, like Dalarna, has crossed arrows in its coat of arms. The Närke arrowheads are triangular and broader. The roses have no symbolic significance.
Småland's coat of arms shows a lion rampant holding a crossbow. From the beginning (1560) the coat of arms only featured a Småland type of crossbow, set diagonally.
Värmland features an eagle in its coat of arms with its wings spread out in the heraldic fashion. The eagle - like the lion - is one of the oldest and noblest of heraldic animals. From the beginning the coat of arms of this province featured a beaver or a wolverine.
Ångermanland's coat of arms illustrates salmon fishing, which used to be an important industry in this provinces. Note that the salmon in the middle is turned the other way for aesthetic reasons.

Design: Jan Magnusson
Printed: Harrison & Sons Ltd in Great Britain.

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