Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweden - Coat of Arms 1981

1.40 Kronor - Östergötland (Ostro Gothia)
1.40 Kronor - Jämtland
1.40 Kronor - Dalarna
1.40 Kronor - Bohuslän

Coat of Arms of Swedish Provinces:
The coat of arms of the Swedish provinces are very old. Most of them were first used in 1560 in the funeral procession of King Gustav Vasa from Stockholm to Uppsala. They have remained more or less unchanged. More than half of the 24 provinces feature animals. There are two types: heraldic such as lion, eagle, griffin, and dragon, or animals common to the country such as elk, reindeer or deer. There is one interesting difference between the north and the south: there are no heraldic animals in the coat of arms of the north, but plenty in the south. Other motifs are utility objects like arrows and tools. A third group is inspired by the flora topography, e.g. an oak or a river.
The stamp motifs come from the provinces of Bohuslän, Dalecarlia, Jämtland, and Östergötland.

Design: Jan Magnusson
Printed: Harrison & Sons Ltd, Great Britain

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