Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gibraltar - Military Uniforms 1974


An Officer of the 30th Foot in 1742. The Regiment was formed by Lord Castleton in 1689. It was disbanded in 1689 and reformed by Saunderson in 1702. It earned its first battle honour at Gibraltar in 1704-1705 and served in the Peninsular War helping the Spaniards against the French and was at Waterloo in 1815. In 1881 it absorbed the 59th Foot which has defended the Rock in the Great Siege 1782-1783 and also served in the Peninsula.
In 1958 it amalgamated with the South Lancashire Regiment (the Prince of Wales Volunteers) to form the Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales Volunteers) and in 1970 this regiment amalgamated with the Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) to form the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment. The 30th Foot has served n Gibraltar on nine occasions.

A Sergeant of the 13th Foot in 1833. Raised in 1685 as Huntingdon’s Regiment of Foot and in 1702 redesignated as Barrymore’s Regiment, the 13th Foot defended Gibraltar in the 12th Siege in 1727 and served as cavalry at Almanza in 1707. In 1842 it heroically defended Jellalabad and became the 13th (1st Somersetshire) (Prince Albert’s Light Infantry). It amalgamated with the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry in 1959, and in 1968 it became part of Light Infantry with the Light Division. It has served in Gibraltar on ten occasions.

A Company man of the 35th Foot in 1790. Formed in Belfast in 1701 by Lord Donegal the 35th Foot earned its first battle honour defending Gibraltar in 1704-1705 and its “Roussillon” plume in Quebec in 1759. Its King’s Colour was the first British flag raised over Malta in 1801. It became the Sussex Regiment in 1804 and the Royal Sussex Regiment in 1832. In 1881 the 107th (Bengal Infantry) Regiment became the 2nd Batalion of the Royal Sussex. In 1966 it became the 3rd Bn. The Queen’s Regiment. It has served in Gibraltar on 4 occasions.

An Officer of the Royal Air Force in 1974. The RAF was formed on April 1, 1918 by the amalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service and during the remaining months of the 1914-1918 War achieved supremacy on the Western Front against fierce enemy opposition. During the 1939-1945 War, the events which took place in British skies between July and October 1940, the Battle of Britain, are now recognized as one of the great turning points of history.
The RAF operated from Gibraltar throughout World War II, providing an invaluable contribution to the Allied Victory in North Africa and the Meditteranean.

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