Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gibraltar - Military Uniforms 1972


A soldier of Fox’s Regiment in 1704. Raised in 1702 and known later as the 32nd Foot or The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, the Regiment was at the capture and subsequent defence of Gibraltar in 1704-1705 and served with distinction in the Peninsular War helping to drive the French out of Spain. Its many battle honours include Lucknow, Quatre Bras and Waterloo. It is now part of the Light Infantry.

An officer of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps in 1830. Raised in North America in 1755 it became the 60th Foot and was formed into the first rifle regiment in the British Army in 1797 It claims the longest list of battle honours in the Army including ten earned while helping the Spaniards in the Peninsular War. It now forms part of the Royal Green Jackets.

An officer of the North Hampshire Regiment in 1825. Raised in 1702 and known as Ponsonby’s Regiment it became the 37th Foot in 1782 and absorbed the 67th Regiment in 19881 to become the Hampshire Regiment (later Royal Hampshire Regiment). The 67th had been raised in 1756 as part of the 20th Foot. Among its many battle honours is Barrosa fought a few miles from Gibraltar. The badge is that of the Royal Hampshire Regiment.

A sailor of the Royal Navy in 1972. The Royal Navy played a great part in the capture of Gibraltar in 1704 and ever since has sailed from the Rock to gain fresh laurels in war and peace. A Naval Brigade helped to defend the Rock in the Great Siege 1779-1983 taking part in the famous sortie of 1781, and it was to Gibraltar that HMS Victory came to repair after Trafalgar in 1805 with the body of Admiral Nelson abroad.

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