Thursday, December 24, 2009

British Indian Ocean Territory (B.I.O.T) - Military Uniforms 2008

Issue on 03 March 2008
Primary theme: Military Uniforms
Width: 28.0 mm
Height: 42.0 mm
Denomination: 0.27 GBP; 0.54 GBP
Number in set: 6
Layout/Format: Sheet
Perforations: 14 by 14
Stamp issuing authority: British Indian Ocean Territory Administration
Printer: BDT International Security Printers

0.27 GBP - Royal Marines
0.27 GBP - Royal Engineers
0.54 GBP - Sepoys, East India Company Army
0.54 GBP - Sergeant, Royal Military Police
0.54 GBP - Officer, East India Company Army
0.54 GBP - Artillery Corps


Allison said...

Wow, those are pretty awesome! Don't really know about stamps, but those look cool! :D

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