Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yemen, Republic - Yemen Fashions 1983

Traditional Costume in Yemen:
The Thob is the most popular traditional costume in Yemen. It is still quite popular among the young generation. Although the costume styles in Yemen differ from region to region, the traditional thob or shiwal is used by one and all. Some people cover their heads with the thob while other leave it loose and flowing. Some of the thobs are richly decorated and contains silver thread embroidery, worked on the chest, sleeves and shoulders.

Since ages, Yemen is widely known for its fabrics and textiles. Originally the Thob was black in color, but recently with indigo industries flourishing in Yemen, Indigo dyed clothes are famous not only in Yemen but also in countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Another interesting feature of Yemen’s traditional costume is the use of braids of natural color that is fitted on the cloth. Yemenis invented these dresses ages ago. They are of varied designs and shapes. The dresses and costumes have become a mark of the identity of the Yemeni culture and society.

A black cloak, known as Balto, is common among the Yemeni women. Wearing matching jewelry with the costume is an important characteristic of the traditional costume of Yemeni women. The traditional Costume in Yemen is incomplete without the veil, which most of the women population in Yemen use to cover their faces while walking on the streets.

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