Friday, November 12, 2010

Bhutan - Art of Life 2005

Royal Government of Bhutan is participating in Expo-2005 in Aichi, Japan from 25th March to 25th September 2005. To commemorate this important occasion, Bhutan Post is pleased to release a set of 4 stamps depicting mask dance of Bhutan on the opening day of Expo 2005. Jugging Cham – Introduced by Pema Lingpa (The Great Treasure Discoverer ) in the fifteenth century. The dancer wearing a knee-lengh skirt, an animal mask, holding the stick of wisdom, while pursuing a demon. This dance demonstrates how to subdue the demons with magic. Nga-Cham – Dance of the sixteen drum beaters from Dramitse. The Dancer wear an animal mask, a knee length yellow skirt, and carry big drum with curved drumstick. The mere sight of the dance is enough to vanquish black demons and allow the whie gods to reign supreme. Shazam-Cham - Dance of the four stags. The dancers were knee-length skirts and masks of antlers. This dance extols the victory of Guru Rinpoche over the wind God. It demonstrates the gratitude of pious people as all agitators of the world have been overcome. Durdhak-Cham - The dance of the Lords of the cremation ground. The dancer wear white skull masks, short shirts and boots. This dance portrays how the lords subjugate demonic enemies who violate the doctrine. Guatama Buddha –The stamp in souvenir sheet is a Gautama the son of a great King. Caught by the suffering of world leaves his riches to become ascetic. After years of study, meditation became Buddha or the completely enlightened.

10 Ngultrum - Jugging-Cham
10 Ngultrum - Durdhak-Cham
20 Ngultrum - Nga-Cham
20 Ngultrum - Shazam-Cham

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