Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jamaica - The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica 1974

The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica:
National Dance Theatre Company was formed in 1962 to create an atmosphere in which dancers could create and perform works of high standards; to encourage the local public to appreciate the idiom of dance; to research and utilise authentic dance-forms and movement patterns from Jamaica and from the West Indies. During the relatively short period since its foundation it has achieved something of a reputation for artistic excellence taking its repertoire from authentic folk material. The entirely Jamaican cast has performed extensively overseas and has met with unqualified success.
The National Dance Theatre Company is a voluntary group which has managed, not only to stay alive, but also to succeed as a cultural body Financial support for the company has come from commercial organizations, from the Government in cases of cultural exchange programmes with other countries, and from individuals. The Company has managed to preserve its amateur status and remain an independent cultural body, but with professional standards.

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