Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Indonesia - Traditional Costumes from Daerah Istimewa Aceh (D.I. Aceh), 2000

Traditional Costumes from Daerah Istimewa Aceh (D.I. Aceh), Now as Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Traditional costume from Aceh have many styles. One of them, for a men only, are baje meukasah which well known as Aceh Besar's ritual dress, trouser cekak musang, sarong songket, and meukutop (Muslim Headdress). The Rencong (traditional knife) is slipped into belt, appearing a hero images. The women's dresses, with colorful and specific pattern follow the men's likewise pants cekak musang combine with sarong ija pinggang. The jewelry such as Kalung Bahru (a necklace), Taloesusun Lhee (chest accessories), Taloe Keuing (a belt), Gleung Pucok Reubang (a bracelet) are put on complementary traditional costumes.

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Why the fuckin stupid javanese bring their indon culture to Malaysia?