Monday, September 14, 2009

Indonesia - Indonesian Traditional Costumes 2000

Indonesian Traditional Costumes
Declaration of birth of Indonesian nation and nationality, was launched in the third plenary session of the second Indonesia Youth Congress, 28 October 1928 which is performed by Indonesian Youth Organizations.
All son & daughters from various ethnical, religion and local languange background has declared their oath to possess: one of bloodshed; one of nation; and one of language, that is, Indonesia.
This historical event is then know as The Day of Youth Oath.
In coinciding with celebration of the 72th, on October 28, 2000 issues the "Indonesian Traditional Costumes" stamp series, depicting customary dresses from all Indonesia provinces.

Technical Details:
Issue Date: 28 October 2009
Designs: Indonesian Traditional Costumes
Denomination: 28 x IDR 900.-
Size: 48.00mm x 31.96mm
Perforation: 12.50mm x 12.50mm
Colours: 5 Colors + 1 Logo
Paper: White Unwatermarked
Gum: PVA
Printing Process: Combination of Offset & Rotogravure
Printing Quantity: 250,000 sets
Sheet Composition: 28 pieces (4x7) with gutter
Designed by: Yudah Noor
Printer: Perum Peruri

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