Sunday, September 6, 2009

Indonesia - Traditional Costumes from Bali, 2000

Traditional Costumes from Bali,
The traditional dresses worn by Baliness are always reffered to ritual ceremonies.
The Baliness men wear Kamben Endek or Stagen linen, white or yellow Saput clothes, Udheng Songket (linen), and slipped Sumpang flower in between their ears.
The Baliness women wear Tapih under-wear linen, Kamben Songket linen; Stagen beltsand Giwang Subeng (earrings).
Their hair adorned with Pusung Tagel and Kembang Goyang.


Sin said...

Hi, as a student, i would like to comment based on your opinion.

In your post, you mentioned that one of the traditional dance was originated from Indonesia, but recently there was a minor issue about it. Well, it is clearly understood that Discovery Channel had published the dance in a Malaysian Documentary Programme by mistake. They had even apologize for it. But why, no offence though, you still boast about this issue from time to time? It was merely a 30 seconds video. Don't you think what you posted might hurt other people's feelings? Especially students from Malaysia who feel discriminated? Why can't we tolerate? We learn moral, we should forgive each other for our misbehavior, even religion emphasizes on that. I'm not saying that Malaysia is better nor Indonesia is better, but why can't our countries increase ties and become an economy stronghold in this region? There's a Chinese saying, “Benefit from the Fighting between Mussel and Snipe”. Why not just forgive and forget? I was saddened by calling Malaysia as "Maling Asia" Come on, be rational, history taught us about all the wrongdoings that caused destruction, we don't want that to happen again, don't we?

With respect,
Loh Sin.

Buruhanudeen said...

Sin, I was touched by your comments. If we humans learn to give and take, understand the real issue before commenting, I feel this matter will not drag. It is only a storm in a tea cup. I have commented about this in my blog. WWW:bdeen I really love Indonesia, its culture and colours eventhough I come from Malaysia.I like your sincere comments.

puji said...

- arek suroboyo -
hi all, iam the real indonesian. base on sin comment, " Why not just forgive and forget? "
ok, by my self, it can be forgiven, but if these mistake repeat again and again , i belive whole human in the world can forgive the repeated wrongness.

if i can give a critics about malaysia's words on tourism slogan " trully asia " , is that mean all asia's culture already on there ?
if there any malaysia's genuine culture why signalize asia's culture?
i think it can make some visitor or tourist think what their see on malaysia is malaysia's culture.

with peace and forgiveness
Puji Waluyo