Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spain - Autonomous Regions 2009

Autonomous Regions/ Communities
Issue date 02/01/2009
Stamping Offset
Paper Self-adhesive, phosphorescent
Size of the Stamps 40.9 x 28.8 mm (horizontal)
Medidas del carné sin plegar 166 x 63 mm.
Face value of the stamps Price A (1 stamp = normal letter up to 20 g for Spain)
Editiona Unlimited

The series devoted to the Autonomous Communities (regional governments) of Spain, is issued in a booklet format of self adhesive stamps with a domestic A rate.

In each stamp is depicted the outline of the map of each Autonomous Community with its banner and coat of arms as well as the Spanish National flag. The Spanish flag is yellow and red and it is based upon a design of 1785 which has suffered variations. The national coat of arms is regulated by the Ley 33/1981 of October 5th. It is the heraldic symbol of Spain and the elements that make it up have a nine century long tradition.

Since 1981, the principality of Asturias has its own Statute of Autonomy. Its flag depicts the Victory Cross in yellow over a blue background. From its arms pend the Greek letters alpha and Omega symbolising beginning to end.

The Statute of Autonomy of Galicia was established in 1981. Its institutional flag is inspired in the old banner of the maritime province of XIX La Coruña. The background is white and has a blue diagonal stripe crossing it.

Also in 1981 Cantabria was granted its Statute of Autonomy and its flag is horizontally divided into two halves, one white and the other red with the coat of arms in the middle.

The Statute of Autonomy of Cataluña dates back to 1979 and its flag is the traditional one of the King and Queen of Aragon. It is made up of four red and five yellow stripes.

Since 1979 the Basque Country also has its own Statute of Autonomy. Its flag, also known as Ikurriña, is a white cross with two green diagonal stripes over a red background.

Finally Andalucía was also one of the first to be granted the Statute of Autonomy in 1981. The colours of its banner, white and green evoke the colours of the Andalusian landscape and symbolise the hope in the future and peace. The coat of arms depicts the figure of Hercules holding two lions between columns.

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