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Papua New Guinea - Provincial Flags 2004

70 Toea, East New Britain Province
A green stripe separates red and blue triangles. Four white stars over the blue represent the national flag. Traditional shell money surrounds a circle. Masks of Tolai (dukduk) and Baining dancers are in the centre.

70 Toea, Madang Province
The flag of Madang is red-yellow-black, with 6 small white stars on the bottom of the black stripe and an emblem in black in a white canton.

Red, yellow and black stripes (representing the national flag) form the background. Six white stars represent the 6 districts. In black and white, Madang's memorial to the coast-watchers of the Second World War is surrounded by coconut palm branches (for agriculture) and a slit drum (for tradition).

It appears the province of Madang (Papua New Guinea) has changed its flag. In former times five BLACK stars were arranged in the middle yellow stripe. Now there are seven it's white stars in the lower black strip arranged.

2.65 Kina, Eastern Highlands Province
Eastern Highlands: Red and green triangles form the background. Inside a large yellow star in the centre, a legendary one-legged man named Nokondi holds a coffee branch (the province¹s main cash crop). The star has 6 points (for the six districts). It is surrounded by 8 smaller stars (for the local government councils).

2.70 Kina, Morobe Province
The background stripes are green (for vegetation), yellow (for Markham Valley) and blue (for the sea). A white bird of paradise (representing animal life), white pig¹s tusks (traditional exchange), a brown and yellow kundu drum (for festivals) and spears (for traditional warfare) are at the centre.

4.60 Kina, Milne Bay Province
Ratio 2:3. Two vertical stripes, green and white, respectively, at hoist (about 1/7 of the fly width each), then diagonally divided (NW-SE) blue-red, with a golden star in upper fly.

Stripes of green (for plants) and white (for beaches) are shown on the left. A square is divided into triangles of blue (for the sea) and red (for festivals). A yellow star on red represents the Eastern Star (a seafarer's guide) and Christian missionaries.

Isn't this very similar to the South Moluccan independentist flag?
They're a bit far apart from each other (Milne Bay is the SE tip of Papua New Guinea), but..

10 Kina, East Sepik Province
In the upper right quarter, a yellow bird of paradise (representing the national flag) is set over a red background. In the lower left quarter, a haus tambaran (for the hill and plains people), crocodile (for the river people), shark (for the coast people), kundu and garamut drums, spear and lime pot (representing culture) are set over a green background.

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