Sunday, May 3, 2009

Papua New Guinea - Provincial Flags 2005

75 Toea, Gulf (Goeland) Province
Inside a blue background, 2 crocodiles (rivers) surround a disc with a white seagull (representing the people) over red, and the Southern Cross (representing the 5 original districts) over black.

75 Toea, Southern Highlands Province
A black stripe separates red (upper right) and green (lower left) triangles. Seven white stars (for the 7 districts) cover the red and green. A cassowary head (representing traditional exchange) and two spears (for defence) are set in yellow over the black.

1 Kina, North Solomon (Bouganville Islands/ Republic of Meekamui) Province
After 1st September 1975 flag of the republic was in use. It's described 15-9-75: the flag is dark blue signifying the Pacific Ocean where our country is; green in the circle signifies our rich island; the jagged white shell is our money; the black signifies our skin color of which we are very proud and is unique in the Pacific, the hat in the centre is called upe worn by young men at the transition period from adolescence to manhood. The stripes on the hat (red)-centre stands for men and those at the side for women.

Just a few words on the matter. Bougainville is presently a part of Papua New Guinea. The meeting referred to was held to determine whether those opposed to the status of the island would split with the opposition party (Bougainville Interim Government (BIG)) and the (Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA)). I would not call this a national flag rather a subnational or flag of an aspirant people, as there is not presently a recognized nation, except through the Unrepresented Nations and People's Organization (UNPO) where the Bougainville Interim Government represents these people.

3 Kina, Oro Province
A gold strip of tapa cloth with red and black markings (representing culture) and a yellow Queen Alexandra birdwing butterfly (representing wildlife) cover a green background (for vegetation).

3.10 Kina, Western Highlands Province
A white stripe (for peace) separates triangles of green (for vegetation) and black (from the national flag). Stars represent the 3 geographic regions. The provincial emblem is set over the green.

5.20 Kina, Western (Fly River) Province
The black and red of the national flag form borders around a gold square holding the provincial emblem. The emblem, in black outline, includes a head-dress with white wing feathers of the crane (for unity) and a bow and arrows (for tradition).

Asked, "David, don't you forget Fly River?" Well, this turned out to be Western, so probably the province changed its name. Can anyone confirm this ???


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