Saturday, December 31, 2011

France - Laces 2011

Issue date: 10 October 2011
Format: 105 x 71.5 mm
Printing technique: Offset
Issuer: Patte & Besset
Theme : Art

Lace alive! This is the crazy bet has done Post to design stamps in four blocks of real lace. Four blocks that highlight the immense richness and diversity of regional know-how.

Each block contains a stamp which is affixed a piece of real lace industry of a different type. Lace is hot-glued in a process for depositing the adhesive only on the lace, which heated, making the complex lace / very strong paper. The cutting is then done by hand using a pastry cutter or scissors. This complex lace / paper is then pasted on the stamp. Small feat: the sign phi is drawn in the lace of 3 stamps (Chantilly, Alencon and Calais). To you to find it!

Chantilly lace evokes haute couture with its transparent side, sensual, ethereal. Inspired often floral, black is the color of choice. The round holes superimposed on the block refer to the boxes that guide drilled weaving lace.

After a needle technique, punctuated by delicate floral motifs and elaborately pierced, it is recognized Alencon lace identified by the embossed designs. The white highlights its subtlety and freshness. The bottom block contains an air mesh honeycomb so typical of this lace. In 2010, Alencon lace has been included in intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

In this type of lace, geometric patterns are preferred, as here on the stamp which contains this delicate diamond partitioned. In general, the off-white but also black, are dominant in natural materials such as linen or cotton for the Puy lace. The time for producing mechanical fashion and decor strips of lace refined. The block diagram on the left recalls the basic principle of crossing time is respected in the mechanical process.

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