Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spain - Autonomous Regions 2011

Autonomous Regions/ Communities
Issue date: 03/01/2011
Stamping: Offset
Paper: Self-adhesive, phosphorescent
Size of the Stamps: 35 x 24.5 mm (horizontal)
Sheet size: 166 x 63 mm block (horizontal)
Face value of the stamps Price A (1 stamp = standard letter up to 20 gr, for Spain)
Editional: Unlimited

This card consists of eight stamps Autonomous reproduce, in addition to the Constitutional Court building, flags, and the territory occupied by seven Autonomous Communities. These seals are self-rate A and are designed to national letters of ordinary postage.

Spain's Constitutional Court is an institution whose function is to be the supreme interpreter of the Constitution. It is regulated in the Spanish Constitution of 1978. It is independent of other constitutional bodies and subordinate only to the Constitution and its Charter.

The Statute of Autonomy of the Autonomous City of Ceuta was approved by Parliament by Law 1 / 1995 of March 13. Its flag is white and black ribbons and the center is his shield.

Extremadura was passed the Statute of Autonomy in 1983, but has several subsequent amendments. Its flag has three equal horizontal stripes, in order top to bottom, showing the colors: green, white and black.

As Ceuta, the Autonomous City of Melilla was the Statute of Autonomy through Organic Law 2 / 1995 of March 13. Its flag is light blue with the shield of the city in the center.

The Balearic Islands got their Statute of Autonomy in 1983 but was replaced in 2007. Its flag is based on the traditional landmark or teaches the King of Aragon and blue space features a quartered construction or as a castle.

The Statute of Autonomy of the Community of Madrid was approved on March 1, 1983. Your banner took the crimson red background banner of Castile and the seven stars from the shield symbolize the constellation Ursa Major.

The Community of Castile and Leon also achieved its Statute of Autonomy in 1983 but was renovated in 2007. Under sections 5 and 6 of the Statute of the flag is quartered crosswise. The first and fourth quarters: on a red field a golden castle battlements ... The second and third on a silver, a lion rampant in purple, Lingua, UNAD and armed gules, crowned gold.

Similarly, the Navarre earned his Improvement of the Charter in 1982. Its flag, red, has a shield in the center formed by chains of gold on a red background with a green emerald in the center of union of its eight arms of links and, above them, the Royal Crown, symbol of the ancient kingdom of Navarre.

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