Friday, December 10, 2010

Russia - Folk Arts from Fedoskino 1977

The village of Fedoskino, situated 40 km north of Moscow on the picturesque banks of the Ucha River, is Russia's oldest center of lacquer miniature painting. At least half of the inhabitants of this village and the neighbouring ones are in one way or another connected with the traditional craft.

During that period N.M. Soloninkin, Y.V. Kaparayev, V.D. Lipitzkij, and A.I. Kozlov emerged as original artists, who turned to Russian tales, such as "The Scarlet Flower", "The Tale of Czar Saltan", and "The Snow Maiden", which was a new trend for the Fedoskino craft. Ever since that time Russian tales became a popular theme among Fedoskino artists, whose poetic images have lost none of their glamour.

4 Kopek - N.M. Soloninkin, *1945: "Welcome"
6 Kopek - Viktor D. Antonov (*1936): "Along the Road"
10 Kopek - Yuri V. Kaparajev, *1936: "Northern Light"
12 Kopek - A.I. Kozlov, *1932: "Tales of Czar Saltan" (from a fairy tale by A.S. Pushkin)
14 Kopek - Viktor D. Lipitzkij (1921-1994): "The Scarlet Flower"
16 Kopek - W.A. Namilov: "Summer Troika"

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