Thursday, December 9, 2010

Armenia - Armenian National Costumes 2001

National costume is a part of the culture, which has passed a long way of the development connected with the historical circumstances, geographical position of the country and climatic conditions. Costume, in its manner of execution, ornament, supplementary and decorations represents different fields of the applied arts and national trade such as: weaving, needle-work, jeweller's art and so on.

Date of issue: 27 September 2001
Designer: Rouben Ghevondyan
Paper: coated
Printing process: offset
Perforation: comb. 13 3/4 : 13 1/4
Size of a stamp: 26 x 36 mm
Size of a Miniature Sheet: 154 x 95 mm
Printing run: Klb. 443 - 10.000; Klb. 444 - 1.500
Michel catalogue numbers: Klb.443-Klb.444

50 Armenian Dram - Javakhch costume
250 Armenian Dram - Artzakh costume

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