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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Russia - Coat of Arms 2010

Printing technique: offsetprint
Colour: multicolour
Chalk paper
Perforation: comb 12х12 ½
Size of stamp: 18,5х26 mm
Size of sheet: 112,5х176 mm
Circulation: 1 million stamps (Coat of Arms of Vladivostok); 1,5 million stamps (Coat of Arms of Yaroslavl)
Amount in sheet: 30 (5х6) stamps

7.70 Russian Rubel - Coat of Arms of Vladivostok:
In November 2001 the local municipal Duma № 42 approved the current coat of arms of Vladivostok. A historical version of the emblem which was approved by Alexander III in 1883 and restored in 1992 has served as a prototype, but without the emblem of the Maritime region in the freestyle part. In 2001, the emblem was restated; it was decided to abandon all external elements outside the shield (anchors, tower crown and ribbon). Now the heraldic description of the coat of arms of Vladivostok reads: "In a green shield, gold tiger with scarlet (dark-red) eyes and tongue is climbing the rocky silver slope to the left, lifting the front right paw up".
The postage stamp depicts the coat of arms of Vladivostok.

10.50 Russian Rubel - Coat of Arms of Yaroslavl:
Coat of arms of Yaroslavl depicts the image of revolting and turned to the right black bear holding on the left shoulder with the left front paw a gold poleaxe in a silver heraldic shield; above the heraldic shield - the image of Monomakh's Cap. This version of coat of arms was approved by the local municipality on August 23, 1995, however, it is allowed to reproduce the coat of arms of Yaroslavl in concise form - without the image of Monomakh's Cap, in some cases and as a basic element of the emblem - a bear with poleaxe.The current coat of arms of Yaroslavl combines the social structure and the cultural heritage of two epochs. The bear embodies paganism epoch, poleaxe – medieval Christianity, which is the symbol of the newly baptized people and the statehood of Christian Russia.
The postage stamp depicts the coat of arms of Yaroslavl.

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