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Great Britain - RAF (Royal Air Force) Uniforms 2008

RAF (Royal Air Force) Uniforms

Date of issue: 18 September 2008
Primary Theme: Military Uniforms
Width: 27.0 mm
Height: 37.0 mm
Denomination: 1st Class; 0.81 GBP;
Number in set: 6
Perforations: 14 by 14
Stamp issuing: Royal Mail of Great Britain
Printer: Walsall Security Printers

1st Class - RAF Uniforms - Drum Major RAF Central Band 2007
Pomp and ceremony, and the dress that goes with them, still have great value in projecting the public image of the RAF.

1st Class - RAF Uniforms - Helicopter Rescue Winchman 1984
High visibility and protection against exposure to ice cold water are incorporated in the Immersion Suit used by Rescue Helicopter Winchmen.

1st Class - RAF Uniforms - Hawker Hunter Pilot 1951
The coming of the Jet Age meant that flying clothing laid greater emphasis on physical and physiological protection than providing warmth.

0.81 GBP - RAF Uniforms - Lancaster Air Gunner 1944
The electrically-heated Taylor Buoyancy Suit was special provided for Air Gunners isolated in their gun turrets in the rear of the fuselage of bomber aircraft.

0.81 GBP - RAF Uniforms - Plotter WAAF 1940
Smart, comfortable and serviceable, Airwomen's No.1 Dress remained unchanged in design until 1955.

0.81 GBP - RAF Uniforms - Pilot 1918
Developed from motoring garments, WWI flying clothing had to provide warmth and protection from the intense cold at altitude.

Royal Mail have carefully selected six uniforms which bring to life the many aspects of the RAF; from pilots to plotters and from winchman to Drum Major.
The figures are illustrated by Graham Turner who created last year's British Army Uniforms and has once again brought incredible levels of detail to this anniversary issue.

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