Saturday, November 7, 2009

Miniature Sheet Fashion ( five 1st class stamps )
Issued: 06 May 2009
Laura Laine
1st class
Number in set:
Layout/ Format:
Self adhesive miniature sheet of 5 of 5 designs
14 by 14
Stamp Size:
30.0mm x 45.0mm ; 30.0mm x 35.0mm
Stamp issuing authority:
Itella Corporation Finland
Joh Enschede Security Printer

High heels and swaying hemlines! Minna Parikka is one of the top names among Finnish shoe designers. Her highly feminine footwear is now sold in ten countries, with the flagship store in Helsinki. Minna Parikka’s red high heels can now also be seen on one of the stamps of the Fashion miniature sheet. They are accompanied by beautiful shoes by Julia Lundsten which are depicted on the next stamp.

Lundsten’s stylish signature wooden heels have won the admiration even of the king of shoe designers, Manolo Blahnik, who has called them “divine” and “perfect”. The wooden-heeled pump shown on the stamp is made of fish skin. Lundsten’s creations are sold in Tokyo, London, New York and other great cities.
The miniature sheet features elegant accessories in the form of the Lumi handbag designed by Sanna Kantola. Sanna Kantola and Bruno Beaugrand founded the Lumi brand in New York nine years ago, and today Lumi bags are sold in 25 countries.

Fashion designer Jasmin Santanen lives and works in Paris. This spring she unveiled at the Paris fashion festival a luxurious open party outfit, which has now been immortalised on a stamp.
This year’s spring collection also includes an outfit designer by Tuomas Laitinen and his sister, artist Anna Laitinen, the rear view of which is shown on the Fashion miniature sheet. This angle was chosen because of the outfit’s amusing “penguin cut”. A collection by the Laitinens won shared first place in the prestigious French Hyères fashion design competition in France in 2006. Today the LAITINEN accessory brand is sold in France, Japan, Hong Kong and elsewhere. The woman in purple on the left-hand edge of the miniature sheet is a filler picture. Laura Laine produced the illustrations for the miniature sheet.

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