Monday, November 2, 2009

Denmark - 350th Anniversary of the Royal Life Guards 2008

350th Anniversary of the Royal Life Guards

Date of issue:
27 March 2008
Prices & Motifs:
DKK 5.50 Guardsmen in red full-dress uniform
DKK 10.00 Guardsmen in combat uniform
Motif on minisheet:
Guardsman with watch bag
Photos: Sandra Greig
Post Danmark, Stamps
Martin Morck
Method of printing:
Intaglio/ offset
Post Danmark, Stamps

King Frederik III founded the Royal Life Guards, known as "Our Regiment of Guards on Foot", in 1658. Denmark was at war with Sweden in those troubled times, so Frederik had good reason to set up the Guards. The regiment was formed to guarantee the safety of the King, his family and his castle, and to train and recruit soldiers for the Danish army - duties that the Royal Life Guards fulfil to this day.

Since they were formed, the Guards have served with honour in every Danish war, always living up to their reputation as an elite unit. Many guardsmen have served abroad on UN, NATO and coalition missions - most recently in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. Both at home and abroad, the Guards are probably best known for their trademark bearskin hats, worn while on guard duty at Amalienborg Castle. The Guards perform all of their duties with pride and honour, under the motto "Pro Rege et Grege" ("For King and people").

The Royal Life Guards' Band plays a key role in both the unit's and the armed forces' ceremonial duties. When Her Majesty is in residence at Amalienborg, the band provides musical accompaniment to the changing of the guard on the streets of Copenhagen, to the delight of locals and tourist alike.


Anonymous said...


I wonder if you could help me...?
I would like to find out the names of the people photographed on the 2008 royal Life guards commemorative stamp. Do you know or know how I could find out?

Jefferson said...

Sandra Greig