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Thailand - Provincial Emblem 2012 (7th Series)

Provincial Emblem Postage Stamps (7th Series)

Country / Post: Thailand
Date of Issue: 28 June 2012
Primary theme: National symbols (Coats of Arms)
Subject: Provincial Emblem Stamps
Width: 45.5 mm
Height: 45.5 mm
Denomination: 3.00 THB
Number in set: 10
Layout/Format: Miniature Sheet of 10 of 10 Designs
: 13 by 13
Stamp issuing authority: The Communications Authority of Thailand

For several years, the Local Identity set or Provincial Emblem postage stamps come to an end at the 7th series on this year. It was started the series since the year 2007 for the 1st series. Next, on the year 2008, it was released the 2nd and the 3rd series. Unless the 1st series that was issued with 20 Emblems in the same time but, for the next series only released with 10 Emblems each time. So, for the first 2 years have been released for 40 Emblems. Then, from the year 2009 - 2011 was released 10 Emblems each year for the 4th series, the 5th series and the 6th series respectively.

Finally, in this year 2012, it's time to the last series or 7th series. It will be additional released about 10 Emblems. Actually, the Provincial Emblem remains only 7 Emblems because Thailand has 77 Provinces. But for postage stamps, to make it easy for printing or other reasons, it has been added for 3 stamps that are not the Provincial Emblems. They are the National Identities such as "Chang Thai" or Thai Elephant, "Ratchaphruek" the National Flower, and "Sala Thai" or Thai Pavilion. As you have seen, these national identities were used for the background of each series sheetlet. The National Flag was used for the 1st series, the National Flower was used for the 2nd and 3rd series, the Thai Elephant was used for the 4th and the 5th series, and the Thai Pavilion was used for the 6th and the 7th series. At completed set, you will have 8 sheetlets or 80 stamps.

The last 7 Provincial Emblems are:
Ang Thong Province:
Udon Thani Province:
Uthai Thani Province:
Uttaradit Province:
Ubon Ratchathani Province:
Amnat Charoen Province:
Buengkan Province:

Size : 38 mm. (Diameter)
Printer : Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand

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