Saturday, July 7, 2012

Russia - History of the Russian Cossacks 2011

Country/ Post: Russian Federation
Date of Issue: 29 August 2011
Primary theme: Mankind (Clothes & costumes) & History (History of Peoples) 
Subject: History of the Russian Cossacks
Width: 36.5 mm
Height: 48.0 mm
Denomination: 15.00 RUB
Number in set: 3 (show set)
Layout/Format: miniature sheet of 3 of 3 designs
Perforations: 12 by 12 ½
Stamp issuing authority: MARKA Publishing & Trading Centre
Printer: Association GOZNAK of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Method of printing: Offset
Paper: Coated

The block is composed of three brands. The stamps depict Cossack men and women in traditional dress at the end of XIX. Amur, Astrakhan and the Volga troops. In the fields of power - the banners and symbols of the troops of the Russian Cossacks. 

15 Russian Rubles - Amur Cossack Army
15 Russian Rubles - Astrakhan Cossack Host
15 Russian Rubles - Volga Cossack Host

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