Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Burundi - Traditional Hairstyles 2010

Country/ Post: Burundi
Date of Issue: 1 January 2010
Primary theme: Mankind (The Body) 
Mankind: (Clothes & costumes) 
Subject: Traditional Headresses
Width: 28.0 mm
Height: 42.0 mm
Denomination: 500 BIF
Number in set: 6 (show set)
Layout/Format: miniature sheet of 6 of 6 designs
Perforations: 13 by 13
Stamp issuing authority: Regie Nationale des Postes Burundi
Printer: Joh Enschedé Security Printers

500 F - Close-up of bearded man
500 F - Man with neckerchief and bag with letter "A.
500 F - Bearded man, hand holding stick in background
500 F - Man with back of head shaved, with pipe in mouth, facing right.
500 F - Man wearing patterned neckerchief with pipe in mouth, facing right
500 F - Man with necklace and bracelet

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