Saturday, September 24, 2011

Uruguay - Definitive Stamps 2010

Technical Details:

Country/ Post: Uruguay
Date of Issue: 27 May 2010
Primary theme: Economy & Industry, History of Peoples
Width: 30.0 mm
Height: 42.0 mm
Layout/Format: self adhesive sheet of 25
Perforations: Imperforate
Stamp issuing authority: Administración Nacional de Correos
Illustrator: Carlos Menck Freire
Printer: Sanfer SRL

5.00 Uruguayan Pesos - Craftsment - Seller of Trinkets (Circulation: 200000)
The Turk: Trinket Seller
It was a typical street vendor, carrying their boxes universes, it seems impossible that they could fit so many things.
They sold everything, there was nothing they could not deliver within the genre of cheap merchandise.
From the patchouli forged forks, until the rosary with her ​​crucifix.
Very high perished trumpeted by then reduced to trace amounts.
Many of them have made fortunes selling these trinkets, others left for the campaign and not a few of them were killed to steal their trinkets and carrying money.
The figure of Turkish Weekly was pulled from the literary and artistic ~ La Alborada ~ October 19, 1902, number 240 (Central Street)

10.00 Uruguayan Pesos - Craftsment - Shoemaker (Circulation: 200000)
The shoemaker or cobbler formerly called also was a trade that was transmitted by tradition or by circumstances of life, from grandparents to parents and parents to children.
The knowledge was passed down from generation to generation.
Cobbler's nickname was commonly put it into their own hands and helping a few utensils, arranged and composed shoes, utensils were the editor, the coast, the marker, picador, scorer, kickstand, hinge, donkey, brazier , cerate, razor, washcloth, etc .... very difficult to find them.
Before it was customary to pay the shoemaker to make ends meet. A family had to repair the shoes of several of its members for a period of time, usually one month, and at the end of it, as if it were a salary, paid the shoemaker for his services. Currently, most of them perform other tasks such as selling shoes, arrangement of locks, keys etc. making...

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