Saturday, September 24, 2011

Uruguay - Definitive Stamps 2007

Technical Details:
Country/ Post: Uruguay
Date of Issue: 18 November 2007
Primary theme: Economy & Industry, Agriculture & Food (Food & Cooking)
Width: 30.0 mm
Height: 41.50 mm
Layout/Format: self adhesive sheet of 25
Perforations: 11 by 11
Stamp issuing authority: Administración Nacional de Correos
Illustrator: Carlos Menck Freire
Printer: Imprimex

5.00 + 2.00 Uruguayan Pesos - The Baker (Circulation: 1000000)

El Correo Uruguayo through philately and its products, plays a role in dissemination of our social, cultural and historical.

In that sense, day after November 18, 2007 has been outstanding seal ~ The Baker ~ which becomes part of the series Crafts, which has five other reasons, the Peanut Vendor ~ ~ ~ the organ ~ ~ the Apothecary ~, ~ ~ and ~ the Sharpener the Barber ~, pretending to pay tribute to those workers whose jobs, in some cases only stay in the memory of the Uruguayans.

With the seal of the series Crafts ~ ~ The Baker just a tribute to the craft itself, the Post Uruguay committed to social causes, in solidarity and commits to the fantastic work being done in the Colonies of Psychiatric Care ~ Dr. Etchepare ~ and ~ Bernardo Dr. Santin Carlos Rossi ~.

In this sense, the label is now issued, with a circulation of one million stamps have a face value of $ 5 and a bonus of $ 2, meaning it, that all Uruguayans who purchase the stamp of the baker, in shops Uruguayan Mail from around the country, either to deposit an item, to collect or give away this beautiful stamp will be donated to the Colonies and Rossi Etchepare two Uruguayan pesos.

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