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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ukraine - Traditional Costumes 2002

Face Value: 45k
Colour: Multicolour
Design: Mykola Kochubei
Printing Method: Offset
Printers: "Derzhznak" - Kyiv
Perforation: 13.25 x 13.25
Sheet: 8 (2 x 4)
Stamp Size: 30 x 33 mm
Issue: 300,000

Ukrainian National Dress - Vinychyna Region
On December 6th, 2002; Ukraine issued six (6) stamps depicting the native costumes worn by individuals in diffrent regions during specific folk cultural or religious celebrations. This is a continuation of the Series first started in 2001.
The first area represented is Vinychyna. On the first stamp on the left, we see a young family gathered for the celebration of "Pokrova" or the Transfiguration of the Blessed Virgin. This is a religious celebration dating to the establishment of Christianity in Ukraine. The Kozaks considered her to be their Protectoress. They prayed to her for protection from death prior going to battle. Also, this time is the time when many young couples get married.
On the second 45k stamp, we have the religious celebration of Ascension or "Spasa". Here we have a family going to church to have their fruit(apples, pears), grain, honey and flowers blessed. It was a custom for people to not eat any fruit prior to it first being blessed.

Ukrainian National Dress - Cherkashchyna Region
The second area represented is Cherkashchyna. On the first stamp on the left, we see young girls holding hands and dancing in a circle. They are doing Spring-dances or "Vesnyinaky-hayivky" - welcoming the comming of Spring and the re-birth of life.
On the second 45k stamp, we have a young couple collecting crops from their fields. They are going through the ritual of "Makovyi" - customs and traditions associated with the start of the harvest season.

Ukrainian National Dress - Ternopilska Region
The third area represented is Cherkashchyna. On the first stamp on the left, we see a priest blessing a family during Easter service and saying "Christ is Risen! Indeed He has Risen!
On the second 45k stamp, we have individuals standing outside a church with their Easter baskets.

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Wonderful stamps:)

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