Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ukraine - Traditional Costumes 2001

Face Value: 20k, 50k
Colour: Multicolour
Design: Mykola Kochubei
Printing Method: Offset
Printers: "Derzhznak" - Kyiv
Perforation: 13.0 x 12.75
Sheet: 8 (2 x 4)
Stamp Size: 30 x 33 mm
Issue: 200,000

Ukrainian National Dress - Kyivshchyna Region
On December 20th, 2001; Ukraine issued six (6) stamps depicting the native costumes worn by individuals in diffrent regions during specific folk cultural or religious celebrations.
The first area represented is Kyivshchyna. On the 20k stamp, we see young girls in their embroidered outfits collecting green tree branches for the celebration of "Zeleni Sviata" or Pentecost.
On the 50k stamp, we see a young couple dressed in winter attire going carolling in the village. The young man is carrying a star - signifying the birth of Jesus Christ. In addition, he has a violin. The young lady has a hand-bell.

Ukrainian National Dress - Chernihivshchyna Region
The second area represented is Chernihivshchyna. On the 20k stamp, we see a musical trio - "Troyiisti muzyky" entertaining a young girl. The performing group consist of string, woodwind and percussion instruments.
On the 50k stamp, we see a young couple that have just got married leaving the church with lit candles - the symbol of eternal life. In addition, there is a little boy carrying a religious icon and an embroidered towel for them. These are objects they would consider sacred and would provide them with spiritual support throughout their married life.

Ukrainian National Dress - Poltavshchyna Region
The third area represented is Poltavshchyna. On the 20k stamp, we see the congregation of people by the water's edge for the blessing of the water (Vodokhreshchia). This celebration occurs on January 19th (Julian calendar). We see a priest blessing a young family who have just gotten some water. The little boy is drinking the blessed water
On the 50k stamp, we see two young girls in their embroidered outfits throwing into the water their flower wreaths. They are participating in the ancient midsummer festival, Ivana Kupalo.

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