Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spain - Moda Espanola, Manuel Piña 2009

Spanish Fashion -
Manuel Piña
Issue date
Stamping Gravure with micro-relieve
Paper Phosphorescent, gummed, chalk coated paper
Perforated 13 3/4
Size of the stamps
28,8 x 49,8 mm. (verticales)
Size of the SS
105,6 x 150 mm. (vertical)
Face Value of the stamps
0,32 €
Editional 350.000 hojas bloque

This year’s issue on Spanish Fashion is devoted to designer Manuel Piña and his contribution to fashion in the last decades of the XX century.

Manuel Piña (1944-1994) was born in Manzanares (Ciudad Real). He belonged to the new generation of Spanish fashion designers who since 1980 worked hard to set up the Federation of Spanish prêt-a-porter aiming at placing Spanish fashion in a prominent place internationally. At the age of 20 he moved to Madrid and took over a small knitwear workshop, coming into contact with the world of fashion. His first collection was presented in the Liceo in Barcelona but his consecration came with the show set up in the big tops of the circus of the Ciudad de los Muchachos in Madrid in 1982. He introduced new fabrics in his designs such as the plaited leather, hand dyed wool, macramé, patent leather and knitted fabrics giving way to new trends in Spain and abroad. With painter Juan Gomilla and other artists and designers of the moment he presented in 1984 in the LLotja in Barcelona his collection “Cotton and art” which remains in the annals of Spanish fashion. He was very fond of his work and expressed that “A designer is a man working to make the life of others more pleasant”. The last years of his life he wore a characteristic pirate headscarf, a trend followed by many young people.

In 1989 Manuel Piña won the contest tendered by Correos y Telegrafos to design the uniforms of postmen all over Spain with a harmonious and comfortable image.

The souvenir sheet depicts four clothe styles belonging to the Manuel Piña museum in Manzanares, built as homage to the designer by the town where he lived and died. From left to right and top to bottom feature: Raw linen dress in blue and green, hand painted by Alex Serna (1991); Knitted wool suit from the autumn-winter collection (1986-1987); Raw linen dress with hoops hand painted by Juan Gomila (1984) and wedding dress in silk lace with hoops and a long train. The souvenir sheet has been designed by Francisco Paniagua based on the photographs taken by Miguel Angel Granados, both employees of Correos y Telegrafos.


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