Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finland - Traditional Costumes 1989

Finland clothing designs are influenced by larger European design trends. The specific clothing of Finland is a folk costume that is redesigned to make it the national costume of the Finns.

Native Finland clothing owes its origins to the fashion trends prevailing in the 16th century. The traditional clothing of Finland is a combination of a vest, skirt and a shirt. All the three are worn together. A formal event required the addition of other material parts like a lacey cap, apron and a silk scarf. The silk scarf is worn around the wearer's shoulders. The festive clothes are made from wool with cotton warp. The artistic capabilities and skill of the artisans manifests itself through their clothing. The dye employed to color the wool used in weaving the garments are sourced from naturally based pigments found in nature.

Many matching parts make up the complete clothing in Finland. The clothing worn by women has a skirt, wool vest, cotton blouse, apron, jacket, scarf and a headpiece. The headpiece may be of various designs like caps, headbands and hats. The clothing worn by men is similar in nature. The trousers worn by men are knee length knickerbockers. Shoes are either laced or buckled.

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