Sunday, February 10, 2019

Vatican 2019 - 90th Anniversary of the Lateran Pacts (Vatican Coat of Arms)

On 11 February 1929, during the pontificate of Pope Pius XI, the “Lateran Pacts” between the Holy See and Italy were signed in the Hall of Honour at the Lateran Palace. It marked the first time since the unification of Italy that normal bilateral relations were established between Italy and the Holy See. The agreements recognized the independence and sovereignty of the Holy See, and at the same time they marked the official “founding” of Vatican City State. For the 90th Anniversary of the Lateran Pacts and the foundation of Vatican City State, the Philatelic Office is dedicating a postage stamp value in a joint issue with Italy, a miniature sheet of two values realized by artist Orietta Rossi, and for the first time ever a stamp made of embroidered cloth presented in an exclusive folder. The postage stamp of the joint issue with Italy, a € 1.10 value dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the Lateran Pacts, features the Hall of Reconciliation of the Lateran Palace where the agreements were signed and where the original table and chairs of the era are still found today. The miniature sheet features a map of Vatican City on the left margin, and two values of € 1.10 and € 1.15 with Pope Pius XI and Pope Francis respectively. The design is framed and embellished with a garland of olive and oak branches. The stamp made from embroidered cloth has a value of € 8.40 and features the coat of arms of Vatican City State. It is presented in a Folder containing a new postage stamp and one that has been postmarked on an envelope as a first day of issue.

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