Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Albania - Traditional Costumes 2005

Albania National Costumes

This great wealth of artistic expression is neither the creation of a group of people nor of a specific historical period, but it is a common creation of the people during all epochs of history. This tradition derives since the ancient times.

Even a single item of folk dress decorated with multifarious motifs is in itself an exhibition of folk art.

The variety of motifs is also related to the specific living conditions which vary from one region to another, from one historical period to another.

Some of the motifs date back to ancient economic and social institutions assciated with primitive stage of development of society and art. Other motifs are related to later stages, from Illyrian art to the Middle Ages and up to contemporary times.

Size of Stamp: 30 mm x 42 mm
Painter: Naxhi Bakalli

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