Friday, May 25, 2018

Finland - National Costumes 2018

Miniature Sheet Size: 130 x 110 mm
Stamp size: 37 x 25 mm and 25 x 30 mm
Edition: 100,000 miniature sheets
Printing method: 5/1 offset
Artist: Minna Luoma

National costumes are full of elaborate details

Graphic designer Minna Luoma is designing a mini sheet featuring two national costumes. The costume of the goddess represents the Western-Finnish tradition and Jääsken costume of Karelian craftsmanship and costume. The miniature sheet depicts the entire national costume and the magnifying glasses have magnified the fine details designed for the costumes, among others. a gunshot and a firecracker.

Photo-based signs are designed in close cooperation with the National Waxing Center. There are more than 400 national collections in Finland, which are a part of the sheepskin fashion for a couple of centuries.

The world of clothing is not strange to Minna Luomä, because she has studied textile art besides graphic design. - Skilfully designed national costumes represent sustainable development and combinations of suits can also be a good idea for today's dress, Luoma's hint.

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