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Lithuania - Vytis, The Symbol of the Emblem of Lithuania in Flags 2016

Technical Details:
Issue Date: 02 January 2016
Designer: E. Jakutavičiūtė
Process: Offset, Art paper
Size: 24mm x 24mm
Values: €0.01, €0.03, €0.10, €0.29, €0.39, €0.62

About Vytis - The Symbol of the Emblem of Lithuania, in Flags

In the first postage stamps of 2016, Lithuania Post has commemorated Vytis depicted in historical state flags. The new set of 6 stamps Vytis, the Symbol of the Emblem of Lithuania, in Flags will appear in circulation this Saturday, January 2.

The set of the stamps Vytis, the Symbol of the Emblem of Lithuania, in Flags was created by the artist Eglė Jakutavičiūtė. The stamps have been released with the nominal values of EUR 0.01, EUR 0.03, EUR 0.10, EUR 0.29, EUR 0.39 and EUR 0.62. Each stamp has been issued in the edition of 1 million thousand copies.

Vytis is pictured in diverse flags on different nominal postage stamps: the flag of the army of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the Battle of Grunwald (1410), the flag of Žygimantas Augustas (1553), the flag of the January Uprising (1863-1864), the flag of Antanas Smetona's military institution (1928), the flag of the Reform Movement of Lithuania (1989) and in the flag of the president of Lithuania (1993).

Along with the new set of 6 stamps, the first day cover has been released. This Saturday, correspondence paid by the new stamps will be marked by the first day cancellation at Vilnius Main Post Office.

A red banner with a white equestrian on a bay horse mentioned in the Jan Dlugosz' story, describing the Battle of Grunwald (1410) when the Grand Duke of Lithuania brought forty Lithuanian regiments, all carrying red banners. In the later historical sources a red cloth charged on both sides with the armored knight was described as the banner of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The flag remained as such until the end of 18th century.

Today, the historical Lithuanian State flag depicting Vytis, can officially be used alongside the Lithuanian State (National) flag.

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