Thursday, October 5, 2017

Japan - Fashion 2017

Issue: Japanese Fashion
First Day: 09 August 2017
Face Value: Japanese Yen 82 x 10 (Self-adhesive)
Designs: Fashion Illustration
Creator of Original Drawing: Okamoto Azusa (Fashion Illustrator)
Designer: Tamaki Akira (Stamp Designer)
Printing: Offset in 6 colors
Size: A, B, F, G: 21.50 mm x 43.50 mm
Size: C, E, H, J: 21.50 mm x 27.00 mm
Sheet: 10 Stamps

The motif of these greeting stamps is a fashion illustration. The images of fashionable women dressed in a stylish manner are illustrated with a vibrant color and delicate brushwork.

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