Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Namibia - Traditional Roles of Men 2006

Issued on 26 April 2006
Perforation: 13.00mm x 13.25mm

Traditional Roles of Men:
Father - The oldest role of man in the role of father.
Musician - Musicians give culture its rhytmn and its heartbeat.
Carver - Carvers create both utilitarian and decorative products.
Shaman - Shamans are part healer, part priest, sorcerer, and part artist.
Planter - Crop production provides staple food.
Hunter - Through hunting, man provides food for his family.

Leader - Far-Sighted leadership gives society direction and focus.
Blacksmith - Blacksmiths create metalwork for ornaments, weapons, and tools.
Protector - Man protects his family and fights for justice for his people.
Pastoralist - The keeping of livestock provides food and signifies wealth.
Trader - Trading provides livelihood alternatives.
Storyteller - Storytellers are the keepers of history.

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Men's Shoes said...

These are some magnificent stamps. I especially liked the stamp with the role of a FATHER. The kid is so adorable.
The hunter one is also awesome! I wish India could also issue a similar series of stamps!