Friday, October 21, 2011

Thailand - Thai Philatelic Exhibition, Traditional Dances 2011

Date of Issue: 04 August 2011

Design 1: The Hero of Likay Song Khrueang Performance in a dance posture called Sod-Soi-Mala
Design 2: The Heroine of Likay Song Khrueang Performance in a dance posture called Naep-Wai-Nai-Ok
Design 3: The Hero of Likay Luk Bot Performance in a dance posture known as preparing for battle
Design 4: The Heroine of Likay Luk Bot Performance in a dance posture called Cheep-Na-Cheep-Lang

Denomination: Thailand Baht 5.00
Designer: Mr.Thaneth Ponchaiwong (Thailand Post Company Limited)

Printer: Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand
Printing Process: Lithography (Glitter Ink)

Likay is a Thai traditional musical folk drama. The performance on stage mostly speaking, signing, dancing, and acting the postures in harmony with the tune played by Pi Pat Band, the Thai traditional orchestra. According to historical evidence in the reign of King Rama V, a religious chanting was performed in the royal cremation ceremony of Queen Sunanda Kumariratana in 1880 by a group of Moslem sitting in circle with the Rammana drum playing at the center. This performance was called the Djikay song, which later distored to be Yikay and Likay respectively.

Likay Song Khrueang initiated in Siam by Phraya Phetpani, who set up the first Likay theatre or 'Wik' by developing the chanting of Moslem ('Suat Khaek') to be the popular part of the show, known as "Awk Khaek". In this part, a performer in Indian style costume came on stage for chanting and telling the sypnosis of the storyline, and the main story began next. It was increasingly popular throughout the country so that many more Wik of Likay had been set up at that time. Adapted from courtier's costumes, the performer dressed up with colorful blouse, white socks, sparkling accessories, and headdress called "panchuret-yot" before the costumes were changed to be simpler during the World War II since it was difficult to import the materials from abroad. Only round-necked and short-sleeved shirt, loincloth, breechcloth, head cloth or head ring were used instead of elegant attires. The new stories were plotted for the audiences to enjoy the more variety of Likay stories. This new face of Likay was widely known as Likay Luk Bot.

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