Saturday, September 25, 2010

Suriname - Flag & Coat of Arms 1976

Official Name: Republic of Suriname (Republiek Suriname)
Previous Names: Netherlands Guiana, Dutch Guiana
Capital: Paramaribo
Location: South America
Government Type: Constitutional Democracy
Flag adopted: 25 November 1975

The Flag of Suriname is formed by five horizontal bands of green (top, double width), white, red (quadruple width), white, and green (double width). There is a large, yellow, five-pointed star centered in the red band.

The flag was adopted on November 25, 1975, upon the independence of Suriname. The star represents the unity of all ethnic groups, the red stripe stands for progress and love, the green for hope and fertility, and the white bands for peace and justice.

35 Cents - COAT OF ARMS:
The explanation of the arms from (defunct):
"The coat of arms of Suriname consists of two Indians holding a shield. Below the Indians and the shield you find the motto 'Justitia Pietas Fides' which means 'Justice Faith Loyalty'. The sailing boat at the left part of the shield symbolizes the history of Suriname when slaves were taken to Suriname from Africa. The palm at the right part of the shield stands for the present as well for justice. The diamond in the middle symbolises a heart. The five-point star within the diamond stands for the five continents the inhabitants from Suriname came from."

The motto in the scroll, "JUSTITIA - PIETAS - FIDES", means "Justice, Piety, Faith".

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