Friday, October 9, 2009

Norflok Island - 125th Anniversary of Pitcairn Migration to Norfolk Island 1981

125th Anniversary of Pitcairn Migration to Norfolk Island

Activities Associated With Anniversary Day on Norfolk Island to commemorate The Safe Arrival of The Pitcairners.
On the 8th June 1856, The Pitcainers landed on Norfolk Island, and each year since that date the descendants of the Pitcairn families have commemorated the safe arrival in traditional fashion.
The 8th June each year is set aside as a public holiday.
The day's festivities commence with a reenactment of the original landing.
A procession from the pier to the cenotaph and the graveyard for the laying of wreaths and the singing of hymns follows.
The families of the Pitcairn descendants then proceed to Government House for the judging of the most original dressed family.
The singing of grace precedes the commencement of the Anniversary Day Picnic.
After the Picnic Lunch the Annual Cricket match between 'The Bounty' team and the 'Allcomers' team is contested.
The festivities conclude at night with the Bounty Ball.

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