Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kazakhstan - Folk Costumes 2007

Issue on 28 December 2007

Series “People inhabiting the Republic of Kazakhstan”
Primary Theme: Mankind ( Clothes & Costumes)
Subject: Peoples of Kazakhstan - Uigurs & Tatars
(two stamped postage block).
Offset printing in five colors, perforation frame.
Layout/ Format: Miniature Sheet of 2 of 2 designs
Block size: 110 х 96 mm,
Stamp size: 27,5 х 33 mm.
Perforations: 11.50 x 11.50
Denomination: 105 Kazakhstan Tenge
Quantity: 100 000 pcs.
Painter: Danyar Mukhamedjanov.
Blocks imprinted by Beijing Postage Stamps Printing House (China)
Stamp Issuing Authority: Kazpost

"People inhabiting the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Uighurs.

“People inhabiting the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Tatars.

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