Friday, April 10, 2009

China - Peking Opera (Jing Roles In) 2008

The roles of Peking Opera consist primarily of four categories, namely Sheng (male role), and (female role), Jing (painted face), and Chou (comedian).

The role of Jing is devoted to representing the disposition, quality, or facial features of the opera characters and exhibiting the loyalty, treachery, kindness, or evilness of the characters Lianpu (facial make-up patterns) realized by diverse color compositions and varying design the "symbolic" and "exaggerated" approaches.
The role of Jing can be divided into singing-based "Tongchui Hualian" (military role holding a bronze hammer), represented by Xu Yanzhao in "Tower of Dragon and Phoenix" and Bao Zheng in "Execution of The Imperial Son-in-Law"; "Jianzi Hualian" (painted-face role with stilted stylized movements), mainly engaged in acting and recitation onstage, as represented by Dou Erdun in "Stealing the Imperial Steed" and Cao Cao in "The Capture and Release of Cao Cao"; "Wu Hualian" (martial painted-face role), mainly performing martial arts onstage, like Yang Yansi in "Golden Beach".

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