Sunday, March 1, 2009

Great Britain - Christmas 2008 Pantomimes (Self Adhesive)

Look out Behind You! Pantomimes are all about song and dance, slapstick and buffoonery and audience participation. Oh yes they are!

1st Class - The Genie of the Lamp

Ready to grant Aladdin his three wishes, the Genie of the Lamp was granted his wish by finding himself on the 1st Class stamp. 

2nd Class – The Ugly Sister
Cinderella’s less than sensational siblings are traditionally played by a pair of burly men and appears on our best seller at Christmas, the 2nd Class stamp.

1st Class Large – The Genie of the Lamp
Again Aladdin’s Genie of the Lamp appears. This time on the 1st Class Large Letter stamp.

2nd Class Large – The Ugly Sisters
Again Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters appear. This time on the 2st Class Large Letter stamp.

50p Stamp - Captain Hook
Captain Hook and his magnificent moustache will bewinging his way across the continent on the 50p Europeanstandard rate stamp.

81p – The Wicked Queen
With her poison apple Snow White’s wicked Queen is guaranteed to raise a boo and a hiss.

Whether you can find which pictures representative the below statement?

  • "It's behind you"
  • "Abracadabra"
  • 'Oh YES it is!'
  • 'Oh NO it isn't!'

Guess it fren?

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