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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Good Day,

I buy stamps from this seller coz have a good reputation on Ebay.
After one month my package not coming & He said my letter/package is stolen.
Already buy insurance, but im very dissapointed coz until now he not refund my money.
He promises want to give back my money, but only bullshit...
Be carefully if you want to buy something with this good stamp dealer...

His Details :
Moustafa Assad
P.O.Box 716

Email :

Ebay store : 4WSTAMPS 4WSTAMPS
Website :

Kind Rgds,

1 comment:

Miloje Chastven said...

Nothing new on this field - personally, I didn't deal with this peron, but many - I can not how much, but many people around globe, purchase material from other houses and auctions, in same time same items sell on eBay for bigger prices - this is common with countries like Lebanon and other gulf states.

I have some bad experience also with Ukraina, Russia, India, China and even USA dealers.

Recently I made 150$ bad purchase from Russia - because case are still pending in resolution centre - I can not give name and city from this nice guy come - but my money is gone.

I'm also dealer, but I never made "one-time" contact or deal, simply it have all characters to be scam and "smell" for fault.

I keep my client in touch, updated and satisfaction is result of this kind service.

best regards from Israel