Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Cambodia 2021 - Kun Khmer (Pradal Serey), Cambodian Martial Art

Technical Details:
Date of Issued: 28 December 2021
Quantity: 4,000 pieces (Stamp Sets); 500 pieces (SS)
Designer: Cambodia Post
Printer: Vietnam Printing

Pradal Serey was codified by the colonial administration during the French protectorate in the 20th century. Pradal Serey (Khmer for: "bare-handed martial arts") comes from kun daï, which is a military discipline. The Kun daï was taught in the army by the Khmer Empire in the 9th century.

Pradal Serey is a martial art that is characterized by elbow techniques, close combat and knee techniques. Some rules in Pradal Serey favor the opponent's melee and knockout punch while falling.
Similar fighting styles include Muay Thai (Thai boxing), Bama Lethwei, Muay Lao (Lao boxing), and Tomoi (Malaysia).

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